Traditional authorities charge security to prosecute attack on health personnel

The Gwollu traditional council led by the Gwollu Kuoro has charged the Police to ensure perpetrators who attacked health personnel over Covid -19 are made to face justice.

Some three nurses of the Gwollu District Hospital were on Monday 22 June 2020 given the beating of their lives after their only crime was transporting a recovered covid-19 patient to a community called Gbal in the Sissala West District some 15 Km from Gwollu.

“The action of the persons involved according to the traditional council, has brought shame and surprised the entire community and leaders especially Gwollu Kuoro, Kuoro Buktie Limann and his entire traditional council who have described the attack on the health personnel as shameful and disgracing to the peaceful and good people of the area”.

The Ghana Health Service in the area also expressed shock after hearing the attack, “after it said it had engaged the community about the coronavirus through various media outlets including radio and the information service department as well as the National Commission for Civic education.

Narrating the incidence to the RADFORDFM, District Director, Ghana Health Service of Sissala West Madam Cecilia Kakariba said that, “the team went and picked the patients to Gwollu from Tumu, after health official observed that, they were no longer showing signs and symptoms of the virus after days of isolation as asymptomatic covid-19 patients, so it was important to reintegrate them back into the society. The District Director noted that “ after one of the patient was dropped off in Gbal, the community where the attacks took place, one of my officers decided to explain to the family about the situation of covid-19 and the role of the family after recovery, this did not go down well with the family who all along had cast doubt and became suspicious about the existence of the coronavirus, the assemblyman who joined to interrogate the health staff apparently on why the patient was being returned earlier than the 14 days earlier announced, and this was enough grounds to cause the anger of the assemblyman and others to gang up and beat the health staff, and the beating of the four continued until they run for their lives and stopped by an elderly man who shouted at them not to cause murder in the community. “They beat and torn their clothes whiles one was even cutlass”. She mentioned that “has it not been the intervention of an elder of the community, the office car would have been burnt aside the beatings”.

Madam Kakariba observed one week after the incident the officers are doing very well and are responding to treatment even though the one that received the cutlass wound has been sutured but, she has called “for stiffer punishment to the perpetrators of the action to serve as a deterrent to others who might want to exhibit such uncouth behaviour in the future and was thankful to the traditional council for the firm stance to have the case investigated and punished by the Police.

“I am happy with the level of urgency that the traditional authority has taken up about the issue to ensure that, culprits found culpable in the case are punished according to the law”. She noted that the Assemblyman of the area has however been picked up by the Police and was detained and held in custody to produce the person who allegedly committed the crime with him.

When the Ghana News Agency spoke to ACP Victor Akakpo the Sissala West Police Commander, he said investigations are continuing”.

The Chief of Bullu community,  Kuoro Dramani Baata speaking to the RADFORDFM on behalf of the Gwollu traditional council about the incident, expressed his disgust about the unfortunate action of the people, this he noted that, has brought the community’s name into disrepute which could affect the health delivery in the area by the health officials.

The Chief mentioned that “the paramount chief of Gwollu Traditional area received a complaint from the health authority noting that, they can no longer work in our health facilities across the district following the beating of health staff unprovoked, this led to the summoning of all the parties involved including his divisional chiefs”. He mentioned that 

“what would motivate and appease the health workers should be when justice is served without family members of the culprit calling for their release from the law enforcement agencies adding that these kinds of behaviour in the past led to the other key officials abandoning the districts when their services are badly needed and warned they would not sit down and allow workers to be disturbed”.

Balu Salia

Mohammed Balu

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