166,280.62 Ghana cedis hit accounts of Sissala East Assembly for COVID-19 fight.

Date: April 20, 2020

An amount of 166,280.62 Ghana cedis has been transferred to the accounts of the Sissala East Municipal Assembly by the government purposely to expand water supply for COVID-19 fight in the area.

Speaking on Radford ‘Masie’ Breakfast Show, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Karim Nanyua while confirming the development stated that the money disbursed was born-out of revision of the Assembly’s 2017 District Development Facility, DDF which was directed by common fund administrator, Madam Irene Naa Torshie Addo to all MMDAs across Ghana.

The MCE further said upon the submission of the 2017 DDF work plan, the government approved about 70% of it, and while the Assembly was awaiting disbursement of funds for the 70% approved projects this year, the common fund administrator wrote to all MMDAs asking for a revision of their approved projects to allow COVID-19 programs into their 2017 work plans.

Sisaala East Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Karim Nanyua.

Consequently, the MCE said the Assembly had to review one of its approved projects to fix in with COVID-19 programs as instructed by the fund administrator.

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were given 70% approval to implement our 2017 work plan…but we were waiting for the funds before this COVID-19. So when COVID-19 arises we were advised through a wireless letter to review our approved projects in the work plans were earlier submitted to include water supply in market centers for COVID-19”, he explains.

Also, Hon. Karim Nanyua said, among the other approved projects, Sisaala East Municipal Assembly has “collapsed” electricity extension and replaced it with the construction of boreholes in all the major market centers in the municipality to expand water supply to fight coronavirus spread.

The major markets to benefit from the program include Tumu, Nabugubelle, Sakai, and Bugubelle markets.

The MCE, however, failed to give timelines on completion of the projects to race against the fast-approaching of COVID-19 in the Municipality.

Araphat Dimah

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