1D1F: Sissala East Assembly hands-over site for construction of Soya beans processing factory

Date: August 26, 2020

A site has been handed over to H&J Construction Limited by the Sissala East Assembly together with consultants from Rural Enterprises Program, REP to begin the construction of a Soya beans processing factory under the government’s one district one factory policy.

The 6-acre land site

A paper document containing the plan for both Wa East and Sissala East factories

The site that is about 6-acre land size is located on the outskirts of the Municipal capital, Tumu on the Tumu-Bolgatanga road.

Hon Karim Nanyua speaking at the site

Speaking during the handing over of the site on August 24, 2020, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Karim Nanyua has expressed his happiness that the 1D1F policy is finally taking place in the Sissala East Constituency as well.

“I want to say I am very happy that eventually the one district one factory is taking place in Sissala East”.

The consultant(left) and constructing engineer for H&J Ltd(right)

He has also urged the contractor, Mr. Shaini, and his team to do their best and complete the project within the 6-month period given them.

“Let me also ask the contractor, and you know this is an election year… anybody can also say anything. This particular project is a pledge we made to the good people of Sissala East and it is not a political project. So, whatever you will do to finish the project within 6 months try to do that. I wouldn’t want you to come and start here and leave it and people would start to feel that we have come to deceive them for their votes but not to give them the project”, he said

Hon. Karim Nanyua while expressing his gratitude to the government for the soya beans processing factory, has told the contractor never to compromise on quality of work for the project to last long.

“One other thing is the quality of work. For me, I am a young politician and I don’t compromise quality for anything so the contractor should also be able to deliver quality work for us so that in the next 90, 100 years when someone comes here to expect the project it should still be like a newly constructed project”, he urges.

Meanwhile, the NPP Constituency Chairman for Sissala East, Mr. Suara Bakuri Tahiru has called on the people of Sissala East Constituency particularly the youth to support the contractor with labor and warned the general public against engaging in any underhand dealings and theft on the logistics provided for the construction of the soya beans processing factory.

Some individuals present to witness the handing over included; Kuri Mohammed, Business Development Officer; Salam Suwie, Municipal Works Department Officer; Pastor T.B Bawine, Landlord; Bawine Joseph, Landlord; John Bawine and Nafisah Mohammed, Municipal Planning Unit Officer.

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