A good or bad deed spreads away for some time but would return to close-upon the doer – T.T Wubontuo

Date: Feb. 5, 2020

A good or bad deed spreads centrifugally away from the doer for some time, only to reverse and centripetally close upon the fellow, Mr. T.T Wubontuo admonishes.

The founder of Du West basic school and former manager of Radfordfm, retired T.T Wubonto has said “a good or bad deed spreads centrifugally away from the doer for some time, only to reverse and centripetally close upon the fellow.”

According to Mr. Wubonto the initiation to have a basic school at Du West was a good deed he and 7 others were able to do which today has produced successful people from the area, and now he is continuously celebrated and was also honored during an old students association.

Mr. T.T Wubonto who felt graciously about the honor done him, described it as generated ripples reversing centripetally back to him after he threw a stone into a pool of water that generated those ripples and spread centrifugally towards the banks of the pool.

“If you throw a stone into the middle of a pool of water, the stone soon sinks to the bottom of the pool. However, the ripples that it generates at the entry point keep spreading centrifugally towards the banks of the pool. Upon hitting the banks, they reverse, contracting centripetally to close upon their origin.”

He also revealed that the establishment of Du west basic school was not achieved on a silver platter, but was carried through with the sweat and toil of other co-founders including Mr. Emmanuel Kuorsoh and six chiefs: Hennaa Bakuri, Chief of Lulo; Bayong Basembensor of Wasai; Kunkoronyu Bayuke of Niator; Adamu Nala of Peprimi; Janlong Sulle of Du; and Kwame Bilto of Gumo, all of blessed memory.

As “makers of the civilization of Du West”, he recounted the journey to Du West basic school and says: “Ghana Education service granted my application for a school for the zone on condition of our ability to provide a suitable shelter for the first intake. Without hesitation, the chiefs mobilized their subjects into action. Du, having been noted as the central point, the villages took turns to mold bricks there. All too soon, the building sprung up. The school was subsequently commissioned by Mr. R. N. Tia of blessed memory and Mr. Tommie Suwia, now a retiree like me. Mr. Emmanuel Kuorsoh the co-founder of the school cupped up the effort by opening the school as the maiden headteacher.”

Some pupils of Du West Basic school – Sissala West

Mr. T.T Wubonto continued and said “since then the school has consistently triumphed through academic success, producing knowledgeable giants like Honourable Moses Dramani Luri, who is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in The University of Winneba whilst simultaneously lecturing in the same university. Counting further on his pedigree as a well baked citizen, he earlier served as Honourable District Chief Executive for Sissala West. Currently he doubles as the Executive Director of Social Initiative for Literacy and Development Programme (SILDEP), while pursuing the Doctorate degree.

Furthermore, Mr. Dramani Chakura, another distinguished product of the school who sometime back turned round to serve it finally as headteacher, is now a senior officer in Sissala West District Education Office in Gwollu.”

Meanwhile, Mr. T.T Wubonto said because of “amicable relation that the school has fostered among the six villages, makes them rotate membership in the District Assembly and not by elections. Currently, it is the turn of Niator to present the assembly member to Sissala West District Assembly and the mantle has by this arrangement fallen on the able shoulders of Honourable Jacob Bayuke Baluwie, another product of the school” and further advised that “should other electoral zones in the District adopt this practice, it will boost up the spirit of mutual co-existence” in those areas.

Retired T.T Wubontuo (right) honored.

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