Be each other’s keepers in COVID-19 fight – Moses D. Luri advises

Hon. Moses Dramani Luri

Date: May 2, 2020

The Chief Executive Officer of the Sisaala Literacy and Development Program, Hon. Moses Dramani Luri is calling for being each other’s keepers approach to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the Sisaala area and the country at large.

Hon. Moses Dramani Luri has, therefore, said to win the fight against the coronavirus pandemic everybody must be looking out for the protection of the other against the virus.

He urged the public to stop thinking that the COVID-19 is a one-man business affair.

“Do not be looking out for your protection only……fight for others’ protection equally because if you fight for your protection only and refuse to fight for others they would contract the virus and bring it to you in the end”, he admonishes.

Hon. Moses Dramani Luri was speaking today, April 28, 2020, at the Sisaala East Municipal Assembly Hall during an engagement with Community Base Anti Violence Teams from Challu, Pieng, Nanpkawie, Sakalu, Bandei, Dangi and Wasai communities on Girls Advocacy Alliance Learning and Sharing Events.

Also, Hon. Moses Dramani Luri has referred to the coronavirus as one which runs and spreads very quickly and so to contain it would require double efforts to run ahead of it.

He has, therefore, warned that if the public refuses to adjust to doing things differently amid the pandemic then the virus would sweep everybody away.

“What I want to say is that the virus legs are [literally] long and runs very fast. So per its nature, if we want to contain it we equally have to run very fast, but if we do not run that fast we would not be able to. Also, if we want to continue to be doing what we used to do like attending crowding in worship centers, funerals, weddings, shaking hands around, gathering at bases, etc, then we would not be running fast as we should hence the pandemic would sweep all of us”, he said.

He has also pointed out places and items that attract public contacts such as pumping of boreholes particularly by women, handling of ablution cans by two or more people among others, are some potential ways of spreading the coronavirus from an infected person to another, putting the whole community at risk.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Karim Nanyua while commending the NGO for adding education of COVID-19 onto their primary role of protecting the girl child, has lamented how some parents have neglected the wards who currently home following closure of schools in Ghana but has called on parents to take care of their wards.

He has also tasked the Community Base Anti Violence Teams to add to it their roles to sensitize their communities and parents on COVID-19.

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