COVID-19: Asymptomatic patients pose more danger of virus spread to their communities – Dr. Zackaria

Date: May 5, 2020

The medical Superintendent of the Tumu Municipal Hospital, Doctor Zackaria Abdulai has said COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic pose more danger of spreading the virus to people living in their communities.

He said this is because community members with weak immune systems may end up been infected by them due to their seemingly physical fitness.

According to him, after assessing some of the 7 COVID-19 patients recorded in the Sissala East Municipality, he said none of them was showing signs of symptoms for the virus despite testing positive “suggesting they are asymptomatic”.

“I had the opportunity of seeing a few and looking at the assessment they are fine, none of them is showing signs and symptoms so they are asymptomatic, suggesting that they are in the community living a normal life that makes it more dangerous because within the community we have more vulnerable people [with serious underlining health conditions]”, he explains.

Dr. Zack also said such patients would most likely not know that they are infected with the virus. He has therefore feared that it would be very alarming should the municipality continue to record higher numbers of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in the coming days.

He also bemoaned and said at the moment the Municipal hospital does not even have a single ventilator to support COVID-19 victims should there be a spike.

“If we are going to record the asymptomatic ones it is going to be overwhelming and then the facilities we have in Tumu in terms of the hospital facility I don’t think we can withstand it”, and that as of now “there is not even one ventilator that can support someone with respiratory distress”, he bemoans.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zack said the hospital currently has personal protective equipment, PPEs that could take them for about 2 weeks, but he has appealed for more protective medical equipment and more donations towards the COVID-19 fight.

Also, as part of the number of measures to reduce overcrowding at the hospital, Doctor Zack said authorities of the hospital have started driving people away especially visitors who are not sick.

He again called on authorities particularly the Member of Parliament, Ridwan Abass Dawuda to complete the fence wall to allow for one entry point to regulate the movement of people at the facility.

He was speaking to Mohammed Balu Salia on Radford flagship program ‘Masie’ Breakfast Show on May 5, 2020.

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