COVID-19 pandemic: ASUDEV calls on parents to monitor and watch over their female wards closely

Chief Executive Officer of ASUDEV, Mr. Osman L. Kanton

Date: April 29, 2020

Action for Sustainable Development, ASUDEV, a non-governmental organization in Tumu has passionately called on parents to up their game to closely monitor and watch over their young female wards amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chief Executive Officer of ASUDEV, Mr. Osman Kanton has expressed serious worries concerning unabated reports of elopements and abductions of young girls in the Sisaala area following the temporary closure of schools in the country.

Mr. Osman Kanton further expressed fear of losing out on many of the young girls to early marriages and teenage pregnancies should the situation continue without been checked.

“We have picked reports of some girls been eloped during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic”, he reveals.

He also observed that the school children particularly the girls have come home at the time when there are no farm activities to at least engage them, giving them the chance to loiter and do things unchecked by some of their parents.

Mr. Osman Kanton has, therefore, stated that such a development poses them to all forms of irresponsible behaviors as well as the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, stating some reasons that mostly compel some girls to go out, the ASUDEV CEO has said some girls who find their parents hostile may prefer to go and stay with their boyfriends or men that they are in relationships with. Also, he said it could also be born out of curiosity or lack of basic valuables as well as negative influence from the media.

He underscored the importance of women in nation-building.

Mr. Osman Kanton was speaking on Radford,107.5 FM today, April 29, 2020 together with Detective Sergeant Haruna Damba, Officer In-charge of Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit, Tumu police command

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