Help bring back the spirit of communal labor – Hon. Nanyua Karim to Chiefs

Date: February 25, 2020

Municipal Chief Executive for the Sissala East Municipality Hon Nanyua Karim has called on the chiefs and people in the municipality most especially the Chinchan community to support the assembly in its development agenda by preserving the communal labor activity which was previously championed by the chiefs in the Sissala land.

He made these comments at the coronation ceremony of the chief of the Chinchan community, Kuoro Ahmed Lurimuah Hor VI.

He noted that, in time past, chiefs used to mobilize their community members within a particular day of the week to undertake an activity to solve a problem of the community but this is not seen these days, but he says communal labor form part in the development agenda of the various communities in the municipality.

Hon MCE also mentioned that chiefs are the custodian of our culture and tradition; everyone should endeavor to support and unite with the chiefs to help preserve the cultural values and norms of the people they serve. He implores the chiefs to ensure the culture and tradition remain an integral part of their societal living.

He said before the assembly would seek funding to build new teachers’ quarters, it has already budgeted to refurbish the already build structures for the Teachers before the close of the year.

Cashew shall be provided to be planted in chinchan, Dimajan and Taffiasi and as well bees keeping to improve their livelihood.

Araphat Dimah

Araphat is a broadcaster, reporter, news anchor and producer. He likes browsing and exploring, debating and listening to music.

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