Make the enskinment of Chiefs in Upper West Region a peaceful process – Amidu Chinnia appeals

Date: February 25, 2020

Despite challenges in the Chieftaincy institution in the Upper West region regarding who becomes a chief in some places, the Chinchan community has enskinned their Chief, Kuoro Ahmed Lurimua Hor VI in a unionized process without having a conflict.

The elders of the Chinchan community have explained the history behind Chieftaincy which indicates that since time immemorial only two families are designated to be able to occupy the chieftaincy position in the community, therefore, nobody else contests the position outside of the two families.

This brought about the peace process of the enskinment of Kuoro Ahmed Lurimua Hor VI on the 22 February 2020.

On this basis, the Deputy Minister of the Upper West Region Hon. Amidu China Issahaku has appealed to the President of the Upper West Regional House of Chiefs and Member of the Council of State, His excellency Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton VI to lead the path of making enskinment of chiefs in the region peaceful.

Many of the development challenges in Ghana emanates from the chieftaincy and land disputes he expressed and called for all communities in the region to emulate the Chinchan community for enskinning their chief without conflict.

“When you become a leader, it is the backing of the community that makes you succeed during your reign”, Mr. Chinna stressed and therefore asked the Chinchan people to support Kuoro Ahmed Lurimua Hor VI to bring development to the community.

The Minister further charged the people to embrace and maintain their tradition as in the exercise of traditional names, cultural dances and dressing among others.

Hon. Amidu China has likewise encouraged the citizens of the Sissala community to position themselves to benefit from the numerous Government development policies among which includes the free senior high school policy and planting for food and job policies to be elevated from poverty.

However, the Minister cautioned that during this election season people should unite and pursue development through politics and keep off the politics of insults that divide families and sometimes destabilized peace.

Araphat Dimah

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