Sissala East: NDC launches Youth Movement

Date: August 5, 2020

The National Democratic Congress in Sissala East Constituency, on 2nd August 2020, has launched a Youth Movement for the Constituency Parliamentary Candidate, Mr. Mohammed Issah Bataklia, and the party’s Presidential candidate, John Dramani Mahama ahead of December 2020 polls.

The movement has been tasked to fight for the victory of both the parliamentary and presidential candidates in the Sissala East Constituency.

Speaking during the launch, one of the defeated Parliamentary hopefuls, Mr. Adamu Yakubu charged passionate, zealous, and motivated young men and women of the party to go into the communities and campaign to return the party to power.

Mr. Adamu Yakubu said the ultimate agenda of all gathered here is to ensure the victory of John Dramani Mahama come December 7th and we should have a parliamentary candidate called Mohammed Issah Bataglia, “after today we all have to disperse into the communities, embarking on the door to door campaign with the message”. Cadet as he affectionately called, appealed to the party membership to unite with one voice to capture power from the ruling party”.

He noted that “We all have to come together with one voice, support one another and go onto the campaign to solicit for votes for Bataglia, this voting we are going to is not about Bataglia but for ourselves, so let’s be decorum and go all out to do the campaign”.

Secretary of the Youth Movement for John Mahama and Bataglia Mr. Bakuri Kuoro giving background to the movement establishment said that “right after the 2016 elections, while we were still licking our wounds and learning bitterly from our defeat, it was realized why we lost. It is only better we learned from our mistakes. Based on this, we put ourselves together, thought through a couple of things, and realized that an association well-motivated grassroots serving as a constant reminder to the party is required hence, birthed this movement.”

He declared that the group’s mission was to use any available means necessary to win and consolidate the 2020 election, adding that No one, should be taken for granted in this election, all should be brought on board.

Meanwhile, the NDC Sissala East Parliamentary candidate, Mr. Mohammed Issah Bataglia has said “disagreement among his party members doesn’t mean there is a fight within the family and has assured the party to close their ranks and wrestle power from the current administration”

He continued and said, “during the last primaries I contested with Adamu Yakubu and I was selected to represent the party, not by my might or handsomeness but it is an opportunity given me by the delegates, right now there is no issue between the two of us and most of our party members, we have had a meeting and resolved our differences”.Let’s get together.

He noted that “no matter our differences, we must find solace in unity to come together and fight for a common good, yes, of course, we have fought but it is a fight that seeks not to denigrate each other but one that is to build the party, it is the reason why you have seen us here without sores and being plastered, we all are a family and with elders”.

Araphat Dimah

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