SISSALA EAST: The golden rule over Covid-19 is hand-washing – Alex Bapula

March 20, 2020

The Municipal Health Director of Sissala East Municipality, Mr. Alex Bapula has said the effective and golden rule to prevent and control the spread of coronavirus is regular washing of hands with soap under running water.

While enumerating some preventive ways to deal with the spread of the deadly disease, Mr. Alex Bapula has said the number one preventive measure is good personal hygiene including sanitation, use of alcohol sanitizer and isolation of oneself after detecting definition cases of the virus.

“Anywhere I get an opportunity to speak about the prevention of coronavirus, the golden rule is handwashing”, he opines.

He continued and advised that the poor who cannot afford alcohol sanitizers should resort to the golden principle to wash their hands regularly with soap under running water. “Persons without taps can practice proper handwashing by fetching water with a calabash or bowl and allow somebody to pour it on their hands while rubbing with soap”.

Mr. Alex Bapula said this during stakeholders meeting held on March 19, 2020, at the Municipal Assembly hall to discuss measures to combat the spread of covid-19 in the area.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Health Director has called on all to adhere to the directives issued by President Akufo-Addo on the suspension of all public gatherings including funerals, all religious related activities, festivals, among others.

He also said as of now, there is no specific treatment for coronavirus yet, but efforts are been made by the World Health Organization, WHO and other partners and, by far, there are positive strides to find the cure.

“Just this morning, I have heard very good news from WHO’s Director-General…and they have just started the trial of the vaccine and that if you look at the performance of the vaccine, we are more likely within the shortest possible time we will have a cure for coronavirus”, he revealed.

Mr. Alex Bapula further indicated that in the Upper West region: Wa, Tumu and Nandom are the three areas designated as case centers to deal with any suspected cases. He, however, said the Tumu Municipal hospital does not have a quarantine facility but, in the meantime, the hospital has reserved a sideward to quarantine any suspected case should it receive any.

He has also appealed to the public to report themselves to the authorities should they start seeing or feeling certain signs and symptoms especially sore throat, cold, running nose, fever with body temperatures above 38 degrees that are associated with the virus for the necessary actions to be taken.

Araphat Dimah

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