Sissala West: 50-year-old Yomu Ballu Salifu wins 2020 District Best Farmer

Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Barson Fuo V(left) presenting a citation to the 2020 District Best Farmer, Mr. Yomu Ballu Salifu(right)

A 50-year-old Yomu Ballu Salifu who hails from Kusali in the Sissala West District has been adjudged the 2020 District Best Farmer.

He was accorded the accolade during a ceremony held in the district on November 6, 2020, to celebrate the 2020 Farmers’ Day Celebration on the theme: Enhancing Agribusiness Development under COVID-19 – opportunities and challenges at Kusali.

Mr. Yomu has been farming for the past 15 years, cultivating different types of crops and rearing livestock.

The crops and number of acres the 2020 District Best Farmer cultivated this year include maize – 45; groundnut – 5; soya bean – 5; cowpea – 3; yam – 2; sesame – 16 and cashew – 3.

Also, the livestock he reared includes cattle – 10; sheep – 15; goats – 26; local fowls – 30 and Donkeys – 3.

He was awarded a tricycle, wellington boots, cutlass, and certificate.

Mr. Yomu is been regarded as an iconic farmer in his community and has been considered a role model to a lot of farmers who have copied from him some of the improved agricultural technologies. He is known to be practicing integrated farming, using animal droppings and crop residue for organic fertilizer on his farms.

In an interview with Mr. Yomu Ballu Salifu, while expressing his gratitude to the almighty God for giving him such an occasion in his life, he has told Radford FM News that the secrete behind his success has been proper planning before, during, and after each rainy season.

He blames lack of proper planning and implementation as the cause of low yields some farmers record in every season.

Mr. Yomu Ballu Salifu is married to two wives with 11 children.

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