Tumu: Assembly hands-over COVID-19 essentials to second cycle institutions ahead of reopening

Date: June 22, 2020

The Sissala East Municipal Assembly has handed over COVID-19 essentials provided by the government to the three-second cycle institutions in the Municipality ahead of the resumption of the final year and 2nd-year gold track students.

The schools include Kanton Senior High, Tumu Senior High Technical, and Tumu St. Clares Vocational Institute.

Announcing the items received, the acting Municipal Director of Sissala East Education Directorate, Alhaji Fasasi Muntawakilu listed the logistics received and they are as follows: veronica buckets, 40; metal stands, 40; rubber bowls, 40; thermometer guns, 16; nose masks, 3,531 and hand-sanitizers, 1,752

In addition to the items, the Municipal Assembly has also made available 12 mini gallons of liquid soap to each of the three schools.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Karim Nanyua during the handing-over has said the donation was part of the government’s holistic plan to fight the spread of COVID-19 in every sphere including the education sector.

“What is happening is a clear demonstration of the government’s commitment to the fight against the COVID-19 and ensuring that our students are not left out in their academic work”.

The MCE has urged authorities of the various institutions to take care of the items that have been provided as they yearn for more.

He has further assured that more COVID-19 essentials would be provided as they go on.

Due to lack of a fence wall, Karim Nanyua has asked authorities of Tumu Senior High Technical School to strategize to make sure students reporting come through a single designated entrance to control haphazard checking in by the students.

In an interview with the Headmistress of Tumu St. Clares Vocational Institute, Sister Catherine Nayeke has expressed her gratitude to the Assembly but has stated that the items would not be enough for the time being.

Also, the Headmaster of Kanton Senior High School, Mr. Mohammed L. Kanton told Radford FM news that on their part the school had already held series of meetings and have come out with some policies the school would be enforced before, during and after the arrival of the students.

“On our part, we have already held a series of meetings in the school. We have put in place some structures to receive our students and make available these PPEs. We have our registration team that would be placed at the gate and students on arrival would have to go through the protocols before he or she goes to his or her dormitory. We have the COVID-19 response team too who would be monitoring the students’ obedience or following the protocols. The school has also designated an isolation center in case a suspected case is reported”, he said.

The Assistant Headmaster of Tumu Senior High Technical School, Mr. Joseph Nagandayiri while expressing his gratitude for the items has assured that they would be put into proper use, and on the no-fence wall menace, Mr. Joseph Nagandayiri has said that the school has set up committees at house levels to monitor and record information of students reporting for the necessary actions to be taken.

Araphat Dimah

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