Wildlife commission 16,000 tons capacity shea nut storehouse for women at Sakalu

Date: February 20, 2020

The game and wildlife division of the forestry commission in Tumu in the Sissala East Municipal of the upper west region has on February 20, 2020, commissioned a 16,000-ton capacity storehouse for women in Sakalu to boost their capacity to pick and store organic Shea nut for a ready market to attract premium prices.

Most of the organic Shea nuts picked from the Gbele Resource Reserve for five years now were stored in homes and easily get contaminated with chemicals due to indoors residual spraying and thereby affects the market value of the nuts.

However, the Ghc 21, 000 Organic Share nut facility constructed as part of the sustainable land and water management project will save the women more money and encouraged organic Shea nut picking to boost their economies.

The park manager of the Reserve Dr. Nana Owusu Ansah has disclosed that for the past five years the wildlife division of the forestry commission have allowed women into the Gbele Resource Reserve to pick Shea Nuts as a benefit of keeping the Reserve to increase its resources for the nation.. the women picked 45 bags of Organic Shea Nuts in 2018 and made an amount of Ghc4,950, whiles in 2019 they picked 248 bags and sold them for Ghc 37,200, he noted

“Many years women pick the nuts from farmlands but because of chemical contact, even at homes where they are stored, they lose market value for the nuts, nevertheless, this intervention from the wildlife has privileged them to premium prices”, he expressed.

The women are also linked to a ready market which they are happy about and are willing to store the nuts and sell when the prices get higher.

Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua has urged communities to be patient whiles taking decisions to avoid what would discourage development as he cautioned them not to destroy the Gbele Resource Reserve which saves a legacy for the benefit of Ghana.

“Today you are benefiting a project because of the Resource Reserve but if you decide to destroy it because of farming I don’t think something good shall come out of it to support you and Ghana at large.”

Hon. Karim Nanyua appealed for the Sakalu community to cater to the storehouse to sustain it to continue to serve its purpose.

The men and women of Sakalu have confessed that the move by the wildlife division of the forestry commission to allow them to pick Shea nut in the Gbele Resource Reserve and link them to market premium has brought change to their meals, help them care for their children¡¯s health and education and as well improve their living conditions.

Araphat Dimah

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