Aquaculture: Tumu Wildlife Division dredged Kalgue crocodile pond, hands-over to Wuljua community

Date: May 4, 2020

One out of the about 15 crocodiles in the Kalgue pond walking on a small hill overlooking the pond.

The Tumu Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission has dredged and handed over a crocodile pond to the people of the Wuljua community in Gwollu.

The Park Manager of the Division, Dr. Nana Owusu Ansah said the Division saw it prudent to dredge the pond to preserve the crocodiles following lead advocacy by Mr. Latuo Basin popularly called Sasco who drew the attention of the Tumu Wildlife Division to the challenge for redress.

“Mr. Sasco drew our attention to the challenge that we had in this town about the animals not finding adequate water to live in”, he explains.

Dr. Nana Owusu Ansah, however, said his outfit, at the time of the complaint, didn’t have funds to save the situation.

But he said due to the prudency attached to preserving the crocodile pond, he had to reach out to a contractor, B.Y Sumuoso company Limited who, at the time, was grading and weeding new Gbele, the new site the government of Ghana through Sissala West District Assembly allocated for the people of Gbele who are residing in the Gbele Game and Wildlife Reserve.

In an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of B.Y Sumuosu Company Limited, Mr. Abu Haruna told Radford FM news that he considered the help he offered to dredge the pond as part of his corporate social responsibility. Mr. Abu Haruna also stated that he and his company have done their part, and has urged the people of Wuljua to do everything possible to safeguard the project for generations yet to be born.

Araphat Dimah

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