Don’t let politics, religion and land issues divide us – Issahaku Amidu Chinnia

Date: January 6, 2020.

The Deputy Upper West regional minister, Hon. Issaku Amidu Chinnia has urged the general public not to allow party politics, religion, and land issues to bring rivalry and divisions among them.

He explained that political parties only serve as points of association where anyone can choose a party to associate based on their ideologies and opinion.

He said “we come from Kuroboi and the Sissala area first before NDC, PNC, NPP or party politics” and has, therefore, added that “there is no reason for any political party to divide us”.

Mr. Issaku Amidu Chinnia also stated that divisions always affect the ordinary citizens because politicians mostly do not live in the electorates’ communities and that “after elections, both losers and winners would always leave for other places and are mostly seen once in a while but you live and dine with yourselves in your community”.

Making an hypothetical statement he said, “in terms of help or trying times those closer to you would always be your first point of contact, and so if because of Amidu Chinnia or Bataglia Mohammed and party politics you pick up fights with yourselves then, possibly the one who was supposed to come to your rescue could be the same person you would have been deeply rooted in unhealthy divisions with”.

On religion, the deputy Upper West regional minister also advised the public to eschew the practice of hatred and division in their religious discourse. He told the gathering to “always try to put across good words to attract persons outside your belief and also point to them what makes your religion or beliefs or ideas better to theirs and not fighting or quarreling”.

Mr. Issaku Amidu Chinnia was speaking during a durbar of the 5th Anniversary of the Kuroboi Development Union yesterday, January 5, 2020, on the theme: “the need for quality education in community development, a clearer call to all stakeholders” at Kuroboi Basic school premises.

Araphat Dimah

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