Newly installed Chief of Dasima Community outdoors decade development vision

Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Barson Fuo V, Chief of Dasima community(middle)

February 17, 2020

The newly installed chief of Dasima Community, Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Barson Fuo V has revealed his 10-year development vision he intends embarking on as the new Chief of Dasima community.

The Chief said the vision borders on four thematic areas including education, health, poverty alleviation and discipline.

Explaining further, the educationist, Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Barson Fuo V has said education remains the corner stone of development of every society.

He added that in view of critical roles girls play in development, special attention would be given to them in education.

 He also mentioned that he intended connecting more with stakeholders particularly parents and teachers to promote education in the Dasima community.

On health, Kuoro Nmasi Huaru Barson Fuo V has said he would collaborate with people who matter in the health sector to improve health status of his people. 

Additionally, he stated that he would seriously work towards attaining open defecation free status and also promote good sanitation practices in the area.

The newly installed Chief also indicated that he would be working with the district office of food and agriculture to find ways to increase volumes of farm produce of farmers in the Dasima community as part of a quest to tackle poverty. 

The Chief also expressed his zeal for discipline and has promised to work to instil discipline especially among the youth to have sanity and propel orderliness and development.

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