Sissala East: Northern Military Command hands-over site to establish operating base in Tumu

Date: June 11, 2020

The Northern Military Command of the Ghana armed forces has handed-over a site to establish a forward military operating base in the Sissala East Municipal capital, Tumu to beef-up security in the area.

The military, as part of a long time measure to combat crimes in the country, has selected some communities within the Northern zone to construct forward military operating bases to achieve the vision of increasing military presence across the country.

This was made known by the General Officer Commanding Northern Command, Brigadier General Moses Mohammed Aryee during an official visit to Tumu yesterday, June 10, 2020, to inspect and hand-over a site to a contractor to commence the project.

The site earmarked is on the outskirts of Tumu on the Tumu-Pulima main road.

Currently, some personnel of the unit was deployed to the municipality to consolidate the efforts of other security agencies like the police and Bureau of National Investigation after neighboring country Burkina Faso began to record terrorist attacks, killing and endangering lives of its citizen.

Consequently, the Ghana government brought some military officers into the bordering towns and communities to dominate and forestall any possible attacks in the area.

Speaking to Radford FM Mohammed B. Salia, Brigadier General Moses Aryee observed that “in consonance with the military projection for the future, there is an intention of expanding our force to cover all these areas the upper regions and in fact the whole country, our drive to increase our presence in the country, we have selected certain areas where we think we should have operating bases and Tumu is one of such operating bases”.

He further stated that “we were here initially to take a look at the place but now we are here because pretty soon contractors will moving to the site to commence work to constructing the structures to house the personnel we intend to deploy to the area, what it means is that, you are going to see an increase in the numbers of Military personnel in the area”

Commenting on the Military Presence in the municipality, he noted that, the military presence has supported efforts to reducing crimes recorded in the area but emphasized that, the security agencies need holistic cooperation from the local community to achieve the drive of maintaining maximum security in the area.

He was however elated with the kind of cooperation enjoyed from the local community and commended them but called for more information on any incident of crime or suspected intruders in the community.

Araphat Dimah

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