We fail to redirect our energies, love for politics into one that is beneficial to us – Ahmed Benin

Date: December 31, 2019

The Deputy Secretary of the Pan Africa Youth Union, Mr. Ahmed Benin has expressed worry over the inability of the youth, especially in the Sissala area to redirect their energies and love for active politics into the common good of themselves and the area.

He said it is only rewarding for any talented and active youth in the political arena when they do not allow themselves to be used at their own expense. He added that failure for any youth in politics to observe this would only end up been used by a fellow or top politicians to their advantage.

“If you have capacity or talent and you are unable to use it, someone else would use it for you. And politicians are very quick to use your potentials and talents and your skills…once you are idle on social media and you can share anything that is written, it is good for the politician”.

Mr. Ahmed Benin also cautioned the youth to desist from sharing damning political information and engaging in other unhealthy political activities that they do not have much knowledge about especially on social media platforms stating, such activities could earn them bad names. “You are driving yourself down by simply sharing what you don’t understand! somebody is a beneficiary of your ignorance or your inability to be logical about what you throw out there”

Meanwhile, The Deputy Pan African Youth Union Secretary has asked the youth who have the zeal to enter politics first and foremost prioritize themselves, know where they are and where they are starting from. He further advised that they have to also define for themselves their ‘target and design their energies and channel them appropriately’.

Mr. Ahmed Benin was sharing these words of inspiration with the youth of the Sissala area during the 3rd edition of RadfordFm mentorship and Leadership Empowerment Summit at the Sissala East Municipal Conference Hall on December 31, 2019.

Araphat Dimah

Araphat is a broadcaster, reporter, news anchor and producer. He likes browsing and exploring, debating and listening to music.

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