Sissala West Parliamentary contest is unpredictable – Radford FM analysis

Sissala West Parliamentary Candidates


NDc’s dominance in the presidential elections of the Sissala West Constituency remains their surest bet against the NPP who won the parliamentary seat for the first time in the 2016 elections.

Votes in the past, from the NPP appears to be growing in the Sissala West as this is seen in their performance.

From 2004, the party got 4,419 and sharply increased to 4,517 in 2008 .

In 2012 with a change in the candidate, the NPP got 8,144 and in 2016 the party beat the incumbent MP Alahaji Amidu Sulemana with 13,130 votes whilst the NDC garnered 9,762 leaving a gap of 3,368 for the NDC to cover.
The NDC from 2004 got 5,959 as against the NPP who had 4,785, also in the 2008 results, the NDC had 7,214 whilst NPP had 5,846 whilst in 2012 NDC gained more ground with 12,850 and the NPP had 7,402 . Meanwhile in the 2016 elections, there was a dramatic display of numbers as the NDC had 11,393 and the NPP 11,107, giving a presidential gap of 286 for the NPP to cover in 2020.

This puts the NDC presidential results count in a better position than the NPP, but the NPP can take advantage in view of the dwindling fortunes of the PNC to boost their growth in the Sissala West.

The PNC as a political party have done well in the Sissala West by winning the seat to represent the constituency in parliament with Hon. Haruna Bayiriga in 2004 and 2008 but are unfortunately missing this time round.

The two favorite Parliamentary Candidates namely: Salifu Naliwie Baluwie and Mohammed Sukparu Adams, are the two pair presenting an entirely new face to slug it out.
Mr Salifu Naliwie Baluwie has a strength of good human relationship, an individual who cherishes and protects his integrity and his ability to chat into new territories who also played an integral role in the election of the former MP Mr. Patrick Alhassan Adamah whom he beat during the NPP delayed 2020 primaries.
He has the task of ensuring that the party wins to retain the seat they fought so hard to claim from the NDC and the PNC who have each won it twice.
The NPP over the years have done so well in the Gandawii area, Jeffissi and Gwollu zones whilst Fielmuo zone remains a stronghold of the NDC with Buwaa too close to call.

NDC parliamentary candidate Mr Mohammed Sukparu Adams, is a new face to the public but remains a known personality within the NDC circles and presents huge business connections and opportunities that many of the unemployed youth can tap from as multiple business outlets.
A close confidante of the ones that call the shot in the NDC, he sees himself as among the new breed of up and coming leaders to replace long term servant of the party Alahaji Amidu Sulemana the former MP.
His task would among others include; how to annex the seat for the NDC that enjoys popular support within the traditional NDC strongholds in the Sissala West Constituency.
Both Naliwie Baluwie Salifu and Mohammed Sukparu Adams have worked hard to bring their God father’s of Alhaji Amidu Sulemana and Mr Patrick Adamah to the campaigns but their impact will be determined by the outcomes of 7th December 2020.

Radford FM voters view from the communities in Sissala West gave Mr Salifu Naliwie a commanding lead in the early days of the campaigns until, the NDC increased it’s momentum in both reach and visibility, it has made the outcome unpredictable but a huge win from three zones of Gandawii, Gwollu, Jeffisi and or Fielmuo with few others could make the winner predictable.

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