Politics and Chieftaincy polarization retarding Sissalas development – Kuoro Deiwia Osman Nankpa III

Kuoro Deiwia Osman Nankpa III , the Paramount Chief of the Gandawii Traditional Area

The Paramount Chief of the Gandawii Traditional Area in the Sissala West District of the Upper West region, Kuoro Deiwia Osman Nankpa III has blamed political polarization and chieftaincy disputes for the growing disunity among the Sissala people which is retarding the needed development.

He asked the people to close their ranks.

He made the observation during the annual Sissala Youth forum Congress, yesterday in Tumu on 26th December 2020 as the guest speaker under the theme: “Fostering Unity and Bridging the Infrastructural Gap in the Sissala Land: The Role of the Youth”.

Chieftaincy and political polarization Kuoro Nankpa illustrated ; “has derailed the peace and unity of our
people to the extent that, PTAs can no longer function effectively, unit committees can no longer play their watch dogroles, teachers can no longer instill discipline in our schools, and our elders have sadly lost their place in inculcating in our young ones the right values”.

The Paramount Chief further diagnosed that; “key community stakeholders can no longer genuinely
act to insist on the right things to be done for the course of educational development without being tagged of either doing the bidding of a particular political party or a chieftaincy faction”.

Kuoro Nankpa III has therefore called for a new paradigm, stressing “this negative trajectory must change in order to put our educational development
back on tract, harness the potential of our very young ones and rescue the future of the Sissala land”, and added that all these ” no doubt, this can never be achieved without peace. The Sissala youth has a role to play, and the time to act is now”.

The Pulima Kuoro used the first to appeal to government to as a matter of urgency work to improve the current bad state of roads in the Sissala area where much of the country’s cereal and grains comes from.
“I have joined many of our compatriots in a number
of occasions, called on government to work on our roads, including the completion of the Bolga-Tumu-Hain-Wa highway which has always been on contract since time immemorial but never gets completed and the Tumu to Gwollu,Gwollu -Jeffisi and Gwollu Zini road”, he said.

He advised the youth against being antagonistic towards each other unecessarily and hold leaders accountable as this would help bridge the current infrastructure gap the area is suffering.

In his welcome address, the President of the Sissala Youth Forum, Mr. Issifu Napuna has commended executives of the forum for putting their shoulders on the wheel to carry out some of achievements the forum chalked amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
He particularly mentioned that “the forum was able to support the Sissala East and West Health Directorates with Covid-19 essentials to fight the virus”.
Also, the Forum organised a Parliamentary debate for the Sissala East Parliamentary candidates ahead of the just ended 2020 general elections, but was however not able to organize it in the Sissala West Constituency

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