An inter-Party committee in Sissala East pledge to accept the Supreme court decision tomorrow

Political parties and civil society groups in Sissala East have called for moderation in jubilation ahead of tomorrow’s Supreme Court declaration.
Rev.James Awuni of the Assemblies of God Church and Chair of the inter-party dialogue committee (IPDC) of the Sissala East “appealed to all to remain calm ahead of the declaration as victory belongs to Ghana and asked all to continue to leave in peace and it is only in peace that will bring development to Ghana no matter the outcome”
The committee, therefore, resolved to continue with education among their members to ensure sustained peace before during and after the verdict.
This came to light when Mr Hussein Elyasu, the Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education held an inter-party dialogue committee (IPDC) meeting on Wednesday 3rd March 2021 at the Sissala East municipal conference hall.
In a welcome address, Mr Elyasu thanked members of the committee for their invaluable contribution that led to the free and fair elections held in the constituency last year. Mr Elyasu was not happy with some of the officials hired by the electoral commission particularly the officers that manned the biometric verification device (BVD) in the 2020 elections and have appealed to the commission to consider persons with IT background in subsequent elections.
Deliberating on what will be done ahead of tomorrow’s supreme court decision, Mr Moses Bavia a constituency secretary of the NDC in Sissala East said ‘There should be much education among the two big parties as this is not going to be the last election in Ghana’s election’s and we as NDC shall accept the outcome however it comes”
The Police urged all to consider Ghana first in everything and see the upper west as one of the peaceful areas in Ghana and accept the decision and warned the party`s not to jubilate to the opposing party’s office”.
Mr Kofi Benin on behalf of the NPP “said as far as the NPP is concerned they will tell their communicators to be decorous in the way they speak, and assured all that whatever the outcomes will be accepted by all”
Madam Bedeiwu Mohammed, the municipal Director of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice “cautioned the political parties that will be victorious to be modest in jubilation”.
The director of the National Youth Authority Mr Toffic Adam of the National Youth authority asks the political parties to reign in on their supporters that might misbehave.

Balu Salia

Mohammed Balu

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